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Look At Me

on May 16, 2012

Between writing for a living and raising my two little ones, it’s so easy to be distracted, to get caught up in multitasking and forget to actually focus in on what really matters.  But my kids have been reminding me lately that just looking, really looking at them, and giving them the gift of my undivided attention, can mean so much.  My daughter might be fussing or my son might start calling, “Mommy, Mommy!” and there is always the temptation to try to finish just one more thing before I turn back to them, but I’ve learned that what they need is simply to know that I am there, that I am looking and listening. They light up in the warmth of my gaze.  As someone who worked so long and hard to become a mom, it’s such a thrill to realize I’m that vital to another person, to be able to make them feel better simply by looking at them, or cuddling them, or playing with them.  It makes me never want to look away.  It reminds me to put down the iPhone and bask instead in the magic that is my children growing and changing with each passing moment.  I wonder how many adults who seem annoying might need nothing more than to be truly seen, too.  So that’s today’s lesson from my kiddos: to give the gift of my attention, to really look at them and others in my life, and enjoy what a difference that focus makes. 


One response to “Look At Me

  1. deathstar says:

    So true. Sometimes my son asks me, “is it my time?” cause I have to tell him that’s it’s the dog’s time and we have to take her for a walk. Or I’m on the computer or my phone and I am just trying to squeeze in just one more thing. And even when I just lay down with him and ask him silly questions, I realize is that he just wants to be seen. Heck, I get that to the core.

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